Consultants and Body-Worn Camera Programs

This news story is representative of a growing trend that seems to be more common as departments push forward with body-worn camera implementation. Local governments are being asked to commit large amounts of taxpayer dollars or make critical policy and implementation decisions on camera programs.  Unfortunately, for both the departments and local officials, they are increasingly discovering “issues”[…]

BWC Research and Policy

A recent report published by Dr. Barak Ariel et al., and now posted on the BJA Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Toolkit website (, is already being used by some to question the efficacy of body-worn cameras and the need to implement a program. I urge everyone to read this report carefully especially the Discussion and Conclusions[…]

The Importance of Body-Worn Camera Tactics

This news report highlights the importance of developing sound tactics for the use of body-worn cameras. Officers should be trained to activate their cameras as soon as they are dispatched to a call or prior to officer initiated contacts.  Officers should consider activating their cameras prior to their portable radios.  Seldom does an officer begin a contact[…]