Body-Worn Camera Records: Law, Policy & Practice

Just completed instructing Body-worn Camera Records: Law, Policy and Practice, back-to-back, with capacity attendees at Ft. Bragg CA. and Titusville FL. Great participation at both sites. Thanks to both host departments.

This two day course provides in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise. Topics include:

·      BWC agency Philosophy, Policy, Privacy and Procedure

·      The 3 consumers of video: the agency, the courts, and the public

·      Transparency: why have body-worn cameras?

·      Policy development

·      Public records/FOIA laws

Seats are still available at upcoming courses:

·     Marina CA, 1-25/26

·     Walnut Creek CA, 2-14/15

·     Hurst TX, 2-27/28

·     Claremont CA, 4-11/12

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