Digital Evidence Is More Than Just Video

A great short article on the importance of effective digital evidence management. The article focuses on storage and management challenges associated with body-worn camera and other types of video. Police departments should, however, anticipate that more and varied types of digital evidence may soon become accepted by our courts. This will require more storage and[…]

Body-Worn Camera Records: Law, Policy & Practice

Just completed instructing Body-worn Camera Records: Law, Policy and Practice, back-to-back, with capacity attendees at Ft. Bragg CA. and Titusville FL. Great participation at both sites. Thanks to both host departments. This two day course provides in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise. Topics include: ·      BWC agency Philosophy, Policy, Privacy[…]

CNA Releases Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Body-Worn Camera Study

This morning, in a press conference held at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters, CNA publicly released what is perhaps the most important research to date on the efficacy of body-worn cameras in a major police department. The yearlong study, conducted in 2014-2015, followed 400 volunteer officers in a rigorous randomized controlled trial experiment.[…]

Body-Worn Cameras and the Results of Randomized Experiments

Great summary by Chip Coldren of CNA. This should be required reading for everyone involved in making procurement, policy and research decisions regarding body-worn cameras. This research is important. How to interpret it is even more important. This summary will be especially useful for those in the media. In View: BWCs and the Results of[…]

National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference

Handling public records requests for body camera recordings can be a daunting and costly challenge for any department. I had the pleasure of speaking to over 175 attendees at the 2016 National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference in New Orleans August 8-10 on the topic of body camera public records requests. The conference was presented by[…]

How Software-Defined Storage Improves Access and Sharing For Body Camera Video

Much of the activity around police body cameras has focused on getting cameras into the field. However, law enforcement agencies are still trying to identify answers to key questions about how captured videos will be stored, accessed and shared. I was recently interviewed by the Center for Digital Government about how new storage technology is[…]

How Body-Worn Cameras Can Allow Police to Apply a Risk Management Lens to Use of Force

This is first in a series of articles I’ve written for “In View” on the CNA Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance Website: Body-worn cameras (BWCs) are rapidly being deployed in police departments around the country. These deployments come with a host of expectations, as well as challenges. Departments shouldn’t overlook, or underestimate, the simple premise[…]

Consultants and Body-Worn Camera Programs

This news story is representative of a growing trend that seems to be more common as departments push forward with body-worn camera implementation. Local governments are being asked to commit large amounts of taxpayer dollars or make critical policy and implementation decisions on camera programs.  Unfortunately, for both the departments and local officials, they are increasingly discovering “issues”[…]

BWC Research and Policy

A recent report published by Dr. Barak Ariel et al., and now posted on the BJA Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Toolkit website (, is already being used by some to question the efficacy of body-worn cameras and the need to implement a program. I urge everyone to read this report carefully especially the Discussion and Conclusions[…]