Nashville BWC Program

Assistance to the City of Nashville

I am working with a small team of national experts from the Bureau of Justice Assistance Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance Team to assist the City of Nashville to successfully implement their stalled program. I am looking forward to facilitating constructive discussions within city government and lead the problem solving effort.

Privacy v. Transparency in Massachusetts

Interesting article on Worcester Police Department’s body camera pilot program. Like most departments, Worcester will find itself balancing privacy and transparency. According to the article, MassLive submitted a public records request to the department for video which was granted. However, MassLive goes on to say that they didn’t publish all the videos because “in most[…]

Excellent Example of Department Transparancy

Chief Jeffrey Smythe, of the Burlington NC police department, demonstrated the positive value of releasing body-worn camera video in an effort quell community unrest after a controversial arrest. It’s a shame he had get a court order to do so. Read the media posting first: Then watch the excellent YouTube video released by the[…]

Digital Evidence Is More Than Just Video

A great short article on the importance of effective digital evidence management. The article focuses on storage and management challenges associated with body-worn camera and other types of video. Police departments should, however, anticipate that more and varied types of digital evidence may soon become accepted by our courts. This will require more storage and[…]

Body-Worn Camera Records: Law, Policy & Practice

Just completed instructing Body-worn Camera Records: Law, Policy and Practice, back-to-back, with capacity attendees at Ft. Bragg CA. and Titusville FL. Great participation at both sites. Thanks to both host departments. This two day course provides in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise. Topics include: ·      BWC agency Philosophy, Policy, Privacy[…]