Body-Worn Camera Policy Compliance

Interesting article in today’s Columbus Post: While some of the information in this article is outdated or misinterpreted, it does highlight a very critical aspect of any body-worn camera program and that is policy compliance. It’s not enough to just be specific about activations and deactivations in policy. The policy must be enforced. It is[…]

Failure to Activate Body-Worn Cameras

  A recent article in the International Business Times entitled “What Happens When Police Turn Off Their Body Cameras” by Eric Markowitz, discusses the implications when an officer, either intentionally or unintentionally, fails to activate their body-worn camera.  Any agency that has deployed, or is planning to deploy, body-worn cameras must clearly address both of[…]

Body-Worn Camera Review after an Officer Involved Shootings

There was a recent article published in Politico New York that attributes a comment to Mr. Philip Eure, the Department of Investigation’s Inspector General for NYPD, regarding review  of body camera footage by  an officer involved in a shooting.  The article states that Mr. Eure said a pre-viewing statement enables investigators to test not the officer’s memory, but rather his[…]