National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference

Handling public records requests for body camera recordings can be a daunting and costly challenge for any department. I had the pleasure of speaking to over 175 attendees at the 2016 National Law Enforcement Records Management Conference in New Orleans August 8-10 on the topic of body camera public records requests. The conference was presented by[…]

The Importance of Body-Worn Camera Tactics

This news report highlights the importance of developing sound tactics for the use of body-worn cameras. Officers should be trained to activate their cameras as soon as they are dispatched to a call or prior to officer initiated contacts.  Officers should consider activating their cameras prior to their portable radios.  Seldom does an officer begin a contact[…]

Chicago Tribune Video: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. and Body-Worn Cameras

Reporters from The Chicago Tribune recently spent a couple of days with The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to observe changes the department had made in recent years to its use of force policy and training. The focus of the story was on de-escalation training, transparency, and accountability, and how the same changes could be applied[…]