Police Body Cameras: What Do You See?

Great article by Professor Seth Stoughton, Assistant Professor at University of South Carolina School of Law, on what body-worn cameras can really “see”. The most impactful excerpt:  This confirms what Professor Stoughton has found in his own presentations with judges, lawyers and students: What we see in police video footage tends to be shaped by what[…]

Chicago Tribune Video: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. and Body-Worn Cameras

Reporters from The Chicago Tribune recently spent a couple of days with The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to observe changes the department had made in recent years to its use of force policy and training. The focus of the story was on de-escalation training, transparency, and accountability, and how the same changes could be applied[…]

Body-Worn Cameras on a “Slippery Slope”?

What do Montgomery County MD, Pullman, WA, Newark DE, and Fredericksburg VA, all have in common? They are county and city locations where body-worn cameras (BWCs) are being used, or planning to be used, on public employees that aren’t county or municipal police officers.  From schools and university personnel to code enforcement, parking enforcement, emergency[…]