Body-Worn Camera Records: Law, Policy & Practice

Just completed instructing Body-worn Camera Records: Law, Policy and Practice, back-to-back, with capacity attendees at Ft. Bragg CA. and Titusville FL. Great participation at both sites. Thanks to both host departments. This two day course provides in-depth practical information including legal requirements and best practices combined with a hands-on policy development exercise. Topics include: ·      BWC agency Philosophy, Policy, Privacy[…]

How Body-Worn Cameras Can Allow Police to Apply a Risk Management Lens to Use of Force

This is first in a series of articles I’ve written for “In View” on the CNA Body-Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance Website: Body-worn cameras (BWCs) are rapidly being deployed in police departments around the country. These deployments come with a host of expectations, as well as challenges. Departments shouldn’t overlook, or underestimate, the simple premise[…]

Police Body Cameras: What Do You See?

Great article by Professor Seth Stoughton, Assistant Professor at University of South Carolina School of Law, on what body-worn cameras can really “see”. The most impactful excerpt:  This confirms what Professor Stoughton has found in his own presentations with judges, lawyers and students: What we see in police video footage tends to be shaped by what[…]