July 17, 2015

Government Solutions

The staff at Principis Group Inc. has the knowledge to consult or train government planners and decision-makers on all aspects of purchasing and implementing a body-worn camera system.  Risk management, grant application, and agency facilitation are all additional services that can be provided by Principis Group.


Local governments are quickly finding themselves at the political and fiscal epicenter of the debate over body-worn cameras.  Controversial and high-profile police-citizen encounters, some that are uploaded to social media even before they are reported on by the press, can propel governmental entities into a process of selecting and implementing body-worn cameras without proper preparation or planned funding.  It is imperative that the proper decisions are made about implementing a cost effective and adequate body-worn camera program in a public safety agency before a crisis occurs.  Hasty decisions made under community and media pressure can result in less than optimal results and most often with negative fiscal impact and/or negative community relations.

Local officials require objective, unbiased, information and insights based on experience that may not be available from the police department.  Body-worn camera purchases are an costly expenditure that require long-term foresight, effective planning and a collaborative effort between government and the police department.