August 24, 2015


Principis Group, Inc. partners with the following companies and organizations that provide effective solutions, expertise, education and advocacy for public safety agencies and local governments involved with body-worn cameras.



Public Safety Information Compliance Solutions

“We work solely on public safety information management projects and nothing else.  Unlike other consulting firms “specializing in a variety of industries”, we’re experts in CAD/RMS, mobile computing and records management for public safety; not healthcare, energy, or manufacturing!  Through our technology implementations, vendor selections, project management and assessment services, PRI Management Group helps improve public safety by managing information better.  We focus on building sound records management and information sharing operations by implementing new or using existing technology, developing efficient business processes and ensuring the production of accurate data.   In a nutshell, we strongly support good government and work closely with you to achieve it.”     Visit PRI Management Group




cna_colorCNA Analysis & Solutions

“CNA’s objective, empirical research and analysis helps decision makers develop sound policies, make better-informed decisions, and manage programs more effectively. We take a multi-disciplinary, field-based “real world” approach to our work and provide public-sector organizations with the tools they need to tackle the complex challenges of making government more efficient and keeping our country safe and strong.  CNA pioneered the field of operations research and analysis more than 70 years ago and, today, applies its efforts to a broad range of national security, defense, and public interest issues including education, homeland security, and air traffic management.”  Visit CNA




Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc.

“The Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths, Inc. (IPICD) is a clearinghouse, resource center, and training, and litigation assistance provider dedicated to providing interested parties with objective, timely, accurate, qualitative, and quantitative information, training, and operational guidance for the prevention and management of sudden- and in-custody deaths.”  Visit IPICD