July 17, 2015

Public Safety Solutions

The staff at Principis Group Inc. has the knowledge, skills, and experience to assist public safety agencies of any size to navigate the complexities of developing, implementing, operating, managing, and evaluating a body-worn camera program through consulting or training services.


Designing and implementing a body-worn camera program is an extremely complex endeavor that requires extensive and dedicated thought, time, effort, and resources to get right.  This can be a daunting task for any governmental and/or public safety administrator, especially when there are external pressures to deploy cameras quickly.  Implementation must be viewed as a “process” and not a “project” which will set the organizational tone and culture for adopting body-worn cameras.  There are significant negative operational, fiscal, and public relations consequences if the implementation process is flawed or the agency loses sight of the goals of accountability and transparency.

Public safety executives must make an honest appraisal of their agency’s internal knowledge, experience, ability, staffing and time constraints to complete the requisite process tasks with available resources.  The results of this appraisal will ultimately dictate the effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation process.  The agency must commit to a specific, but flexible, process which includes extensive planning, constant collaborations, efficient resource allocation and effective operations management.