July 17, 2015

Technology Solutions

The staff at Principis Group Inc. has the knowledge and experience to provide valuable insight and advice to camera system manufacturers and associated product vendors on the processes and challenges faced by public safety agencies in all phases of body-worn camera system deployment, operations, and management.  Additionally, Principis Group can help facilitate understanding and collaboration between participating agencies and manufacturers during the procurement and deployment cycle.


Body-worn camera manufacturers and associated technology providers must be on the leading edge of innovative camera design, video management software development, cost-effective storage solutions, and compelling marketing to stay competitive. This requires a thorough understanding of the needs of public safety in general as well as the specific needs and constraints of individual agencies. There are, however, a number of challenges that have to be overcome to stay ahead of the competition.

Body-worn camera technology is developing so rapidly that it outpaces the ability of most public safety administrators to stay current with the latest research, product developments and reviews.  Few public safety agencies have effectively and/or correctly identified and researched their body-worn camera system needs.  Many have unreasonable product and cost expectations.  Still fewer yet have truly planned beyond their initial purchase and deployment.  Add to this local politics, fiscal process limitations, a general perception that vendors are not forthright, and a lack of accurate manufacturer insight into the law enforcement world, and the task of selecting and purchasing the right product becomes time-consuming and costly.